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DCI have the capability to design the client's network. By devising a plan to upgrade, combine or improve both the performance and operational cost of the network. This plan will help in realizing the prospective value of an integrated IP implementation. The network consulting services include  

·         Network Strategy and planning

·         Capacity Planning

·         Network architecture and design

·         Operations Assessment  

·         Vendor selection

·         Process improvement

·         NOC design

·         Performance planning

DCI can help to build robust and secure networks and assist clients to quickly convert the network design with proficiency in designing, building and managing large scale disparate networks. The range of services include

·         Local area network deployment and configuration

·         Wide area network deployment and configuration

·         Implementation  

·         Firewall

·         IDS  

·         Routers & Switches

·         VPN devices

·         Network management systems

·         AAA solutions

·         Network migration

·         Project management

·         Onsite customer network management

·         Remote network monitoring

·         Remote network management

·         Asset management

·         Backup and archiving